Gene Editing Analysis

The ready to use tool for same day CRISPR editing analysis.


We Build Tools For Researchers

Short Protocol

Shortens the time from days to hours.

Countagen - Plug and Play

Plug and Play

No assay optimization required.

Countagen - Actionable results

Actionable Results

Accurate identification of nucleic acids.

Countagen- In-House Analysis

In-House Analysis

The kit integrates into the current workflow.

Reagent box, Countagen

Ready-to-use Reagent kit

Built For Researchers & Tested on Multiple Organisms & Research Questions

We offer simple-to-use consumable reagent kits that allow users to analyze gene editing efficiency and specificity with the same high precision as high-end instrumentation, but in a much more affordable way. Our patent-pending technology offers a customized ‘plug-and-play’ solution that reduces the current time-consuming workflows from days to hours. It reliably counts and identifies gene edits with high accuracy using only basic laboratory equipment.

“Despite the widespread use of genome editing tools in many laboratories, a standard technique to assess the efficiency of newly designed tools is still lacking.”

Germini et al., Trends Biotechnol. 2017

“Countagen’s technology sounds very interesting as we perform routine genotyping of our fish.”

Professor at University of Gothenburg

“We are making CRISPR based gene modifications and it would be interesting to know about quicker screening possibilities.”

Researcher at Stockholm University

“Optimization for multiplexed Amplicon seq can be extremely time consuming. Countagen’s technology could have a real edge for us here.”

Postdoc at Free University of Berlin