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We Build Tools for Researchers

We have a great passion and deep knowledge of the science behind our innovation. But more importantly we have expertise and experience in launching, scaling, and exiting biotech startups, including Olink Biosciences, Q-linea and Cartana. During this early phase we are also supported by partners Stockholm University, KI Innovations, EIT Health and Vinnova.

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Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Make Gene Editing Analysis Simple

The advent of targeted gene editing, such as the Nobel prize awarded technique CRISPR/Cas9, has opened many possibilities for the development of new drugs and personalized therapies. A critical step for successful use of gene editing techniques is the analysis of the gene editing outcome in terms of the efficiency (to what extent has any DNA changes been introduced?) and specificity (is the right change implemented?). Current technologies/workflows for the analysis of gene editing outcomes are either complex, require large expensive instrumentation for high precision, or are outsourced to time-consuming external services.

Countagen offers simple-to-use consumable reagent kits that allow users to analyze gene editing efficiency and specificity with the same high precision, but in a much more affordable way. Our patent-pending technology offers a customized ‘plug-and-play’ solution that reduces the current time-consuming workflows from days to hours. It reliably counts and identifies gene edits with high accuracy using only basic laboratory equipment. This makes our product simple to adopt into laboratory workflows and enables academic researchers, Pharma and Biotech companies to accelerate their gene editing research.

Meet the team

Operational Team

Felix Neumann

Co-Founder & CEO
PhD in Biochemistry

Leiore Ajuria

Senior Scientist
PhD in Genetics

Joost Bergman

Research Associate
MSc in Biomedicine

Trixy Fang

PhD in Biochemistry

Board of Directors

Mårten Winge

Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Serial Entrepreneur and CEO at Strike Pharma

Stina Wallmark

Ordinary Board Member

Investment Manager at Almi Invest and Board professional

Jon-Sverre Schanche

Ordinary Board Member

Board professional and Life Science Research

Mats Nilsson

Co-Founder & Ordinary Board Member

Professor in Biochemistry at Stockholm University

Scientific Advisors

Mats Nilsson

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Professor in Biochemistry at Stockholm University/SciLifeLab

Bernhard Schmierer

Scientific Advisor

Head at the CRISPR Functional Genomics unit at Karolinska Institute