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GeneAbacus Image Analyzer – GAIA.

Included with the purchase of GeneAbacus.

Accurate and Simple Data Analysis

Understanding editing efficiency is fundamental to advancing both basic research and applied uses of gene editing technologies.

Our GAIA software automatically analyzes microscopy images to accurately quantify signals. The quantification of gene editing efficiency enables you to move swiftly and confidently from gene edit to functional analysis.

After running the GeneAbacus assay, use a microscope to acquire signal images.

Run GAIA and upload the files to start the image analysis.

GAIA calculates the gene editing efficiencies of your experiments. Save the results as a CSV file or a plot.

Use the efficiency results to determine the success and outcome of your pool analysis or clonal selection.

GAIA Empowers Your Research

With high specificity and precision

Precise quantification of gene editing efficiency from 10% to 100%


Discrimination of single base mutations with >95% specificity


Overcomes problematic high GC-content regions without changing or optimizing assay conditions


Check out GAIA’s accompanying assay, GeneAbacus

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