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Countagen’s gene editing analysis technology empowers researchers with single-nucleotide precision.

Big Bang of Cell & Gene Therapy

CRISPR-Cas and related gene-editing tools continue to push the limits of what is possible within research and development, but quantifying editing efficiency and identifying cells with the intended edits remains a bottleneck in many gene-editing workflows due to the need for analysis method optimization, long-waiting times and external services.
Countagen addresses this bottleneck by providing highly accurate tools to rapidly quantify gene-editing efficiency with single-nucleotide resolution. Our GeneAbacus technology can be used in-house in any molecular biology laboratory using standard equipment, providing quantitative data from a gene-editing experiment within just five hours. Our overarching goal is to position Countagen as a key player in the quality assurance realm for gene and cell therapy.

The Challenge: Ensuring Responsible Gene Editing

The rapid pace of gene editing research necessitates a parallel focus on responsible application. Precise analysis of editing efficiency and specificity is paramount for several reasons:

  • Safety: Ensuring edits occur at the intended location and do not introduce unintended changes is crucial for patient safety.
  • Efficacy: Understanding the editing efficiency allows researchers to optimize protocols and maximize therapeutic effects.
  • Reproducibility: Reliable analysis methods are essential for replicating results and advancing research.

Current Methods: Bottlenecks in Progress

Traditional methods for analyzing gene editing results often present significant challenges:

  • Time-consuming workflows: Weeks of analysis can significantly delay research progress and hinder the development of new therapies.
  • PCR dependence: PCR is prone to errors and requires complex optimization, introducing uncertainty into the results.
  • Limited precision: Many methods lack single-nucleotide precision, making it difficult to accurately assess editing outcomes.

These limitations hinder the progress of gene editing research and ultimately slow down the development of potentially life-saving therapies.

Our Solution: Empowering Discoveries with GeneAbacus

Countagen is invested in streamlining gene editing workflows through a novel method of edit validation. Our flagship product, GeneAbacus, addresses the limitations of traditional methods by offering:

  • Rapid Analysis: Obtain accurate results within a single day, significantly accelerating research timelines.
  • Single-Nucleotide Precision: Eliminate the need for PCR and its associated challenges. GeneAbacus utilizes padlock probes and rolling circle amplification to achieve single-nucleotide precision, providing the confidence you need in your results.
  • Simplified Workflow: Seamlessly integrate GeneAbacus into your existing laboratory workflow. The assay requires minimal hands-on time and is compatible with standard lab equipment.

Countagen’s Technology: A Catalyst for Progress

By empowering researchers with a faster, more reliable, and user-friendly solution for gene editing analysis, GeneAbacus is paving the way for advancements in gene editing research and development. Looking ahead, we believe our technology has the potential to:

  • Accelerate the development of new treatments: Faster analysis allows researchers to optimize protocols and move towards clinical applications more quickly.
  • Enhance the safety and efficacy of therapies: Precise analysis ensures edits occur at the intended location and with optimal efficiency, contributing to safer and more effective treatments.
  • Drive responsible gene editing practices: Reliable data informs decision-making and promotes responsible application of this powerful technology.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Countagen is dedicated to working alongside researchers to unlock the full potential of gene editing. With GeneAbacus, we are committed to accelerating progress toward cell and gene therapy development.

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