Accelerating genome engineering with Countagen

Move swiftly and confidently from gene edit to functional analysis


We build CRISPR analysis tools for researchers addressing bottlenecks in the genome engineering workflow, ensuring swift and reliable quantification of gene editing efficiency.


GeneAbacus is a same-day, in-house solution to identify desired edits and precisely quantify gene editing efficiency using standard laboratory equipment

About Us

Our mission, vision and core values guide us. Discover our story and meet the brains behind Countagen, where we are dedicated to accelerating genome engineering.

User Voices

“[…] kit is easy to use and straightforward. The support staff at Countagen are very helpful in assisting with the imaging.”

Vaishnavi I.

Postdoc Researcher, Karolinska Institute

“We enjoyed using the kit; it was very straightforward. The imaging and data analysis were a breeze too. I particularly liked that it was an all in one solution.”

Yerma P.

Research Engineer, Karolinska Institute

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