Accelerate Gene Editing Research

with Confidence

Countagen empowers researchers with a novel PCR-free solution for fast, accurate, and streamlined gene editing analysis.

We Accelerate Gene Editing Workflows

Countagen is committed to streamlining gene editing workflows through a novel method of edit validation. Our flagship product, GeneAbacus, empowers researchers with a novel solution for fast, accurate, and PCR-free analysis of gene editing efficiency and specificity.

Current Bottlenecks in Gene Editing Analysis

The rapid pace of gene editing research demands faster and more reliable methods for analyzing results. Traditional methods often rely on PCR, known for being time-consuming, prone to errors, and requiring complex optimization. This can significantly delay research timelines and introduce uncertainties in the interpretation of data.

GeneAbacus Streamlines Validation

GeneAbacus offers a novel solution that overcomes the limitations of traditional methods, delivering:

Cost-Efficient: Saves time & indirect costs

100% Success Rate: Robust gene target detection

PCR-Free Assay: No optimization required


Partner with Us to Advance Gene Editing Research

Countagen strives to be at the forefront of innovation in gene editing analysis. Our team of dedicated scientists is committed to developing cutting-edge tools that empower researchers to unlock the full potential of gene editing research and development. Let’s work together!

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